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Phillips Area Fishing Update

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Panfish and Walleye action is picking up on area lakes. Soo lake has been giving up some Crappie many small. Walleye action has been late in the evening with a small feeding window but some really nice fish being iced. Perch action has been good on Butternut fishing with small spoons and spikes.


Ice conditions are starting to get good, The slush and water on the ice is freezing solid and most lakes have a foot or better of solid ice. Trucks are starting to show up on Duroy, Solberg, Soo, and Cranberry lakes. I would still urge fishermen to use foot or atv travel on the ice. Fishing has had a slow start but I have been starting to hear catches of panfish on local lakes. Walleye action has been a little on the slow side but steady with most fishermen having action every time out. Some fishermen have been haveing better action jigging for walleye.


Musky fishing has been great. It's not a question on if were going to put a fish in the boat it's how big and how many. We are still doing well on big plastic and Bobbie Baits. I am running a sucker next to the boat and a lot of times the fish follow the lure and hit the sucker right at boatside. Water temps seemed to have gone up a couple of deg. I was running 44 in places where ti was 41 just a couple of days ago.

Good Luck and get out there for the best fishing of the season. 


Only a few more days to a couple of more weeks of open water fishing left. We have been doing well on musky, The sucker bite is a little off this year but they are crushing jerk baits right now. I have been swimming my baits slow and doing really well. Yesterday we put 3 in the boat on Bobbies the biggest being 39. I have been using Bulldawgs in the deeper lakes that I fish. Sticking to the fast breaks into the deeper parts of the lake. The walleye fishing is finally picking up as most people are fisding them deep using jig and minnow.



Sorry it's been so long since my last report, It's been one crazy summer. One of the best summers that I can remember for Musky fishing since I was in High School. Most of the fish that I have been seeing and catching have been on Dreamcatcher Tandem Mag bucktails in bright colors. I like a lot of contrasting colors with painted blades. I have been fishing them with a Tooth Tamer 8'6" XH rod and Penn International 975 reel with 100 lb Vicious fishing line and a 200 lb 18" Big Bite Tackle leader.


Fall is here and the fishing is going to start getting good. So take some time from Bird and Archery hunting and wet a line.  


Panfish have been doing ok, We have been fishing the northern part of the area and been doing very well on nice sized Perch (9" to 10 1/2"). I have been using Diamond Jigs tipped with Berkly Gulp or Spikes. When the Perch are active I have had good luck with Sweedish Pimples or Lindy Frostie Spoons tipped with a gob of spikes. Walleye are still hitting well also, I have been doing best in 4 to 8 feet of water using shiners or suckers. I have also been hitting them with jigging spoons tipped with a fathead or Berkley Gulp.


Walleye fishing has been good on the Phillips Chain. Jig and a Leech or slip bobber and a leech have been the local favorites. We have been casting deep diving cranks and also using stick baits in the shallower water for them. The Smallies are doing well also, most being caught by the walleye fishermen. The warmer weather seemed to turn the Muskys on. There is a very good topwater bite going on right now. Mostly in the early morning, eving and after dark. 


Fished on Butternut Sunday, Did well on Perch in 18 to 20 foot of water. Picked up some small walleye at dark. Crappie are starting to hit again on Lake of the Pines and Soo Lake.  Also here about some big northern 35" to over 40" being caught on some of the area lakes. Warm weather comming this week should at least wake the fishermen up.


Ice conditions are finally getting good on most of the area lakes. Reports of fishermen driveing on most of the lakes now with anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of ice. Sounds like the Turtle and Chip are pretty hairy yet with areas that just froze this week. We hit Butternut Sunday. 3 of us brought home a mixed bag of about 24 fish. We caught a few crappies most of those went back cause they were 5 or 6 inches. We got a few nice perch. The bite was pretty tough. Looked like the Walleye fishermen were doing good out there, I saw a few flags up and fish pulled on the ice.


Walleye and Crappie are doing well on the Phillips Chain. They are scattered between their summer and fall areas now. I have been getting a few on the cribs in 12 to 14 foot of water and we been pulling a few out of 20 plus foot. They seem to be takeing mostly minnows or jigs and plastic. The musky action is also picking up, The die hards are comming into the store in full force for suckers. We sold over 200 this week. Sturgeon fishing seems to be slow we have only registered 4 fish. Good Luck Fishing 


Went out on the Phillips Chain with a client on Friday, It was a little slow we did manage to take home 7 walleyes from 15" to 17". We found the fish scattered in 12 to 15 foot of water. Most of the fish we caught on a slip bobber and leech combo. I did pull a few fish on jig and powerbait. The fish on the powerbait did run bigger. We also found some nice gills. Caught the first couple fishing for walleye. They were also in that 12 to 15 foot range. I should be getting my boat back this week so I hope to add to this report again soon.  


This might be my last report for a couple of weeks, I found a rock that i didnt know about and took my lower unit off. 20 years of running by it and this is the first time i hit. Well before the rock we got our limit of walleye on the Chain we were fishing 6 to 8 foot of water around rock and gravel. The fish seemed to be hitting kinda lite. We had our best luck on slip bobber and leech combos. In the afternoon we went up to 6 mile on hwy 70 for some smallies. We were doing the best on crawfish colored jointed shad raps. We didnt catch many big ones but the numbers made up for that. Thats all for now, if anyone needs a fishing partner the next couple of weeks call I think I'll be shore fishing otherwise.


With the water levels rising look forward to to some hot smallie and walleye action. I was picking up both Sunday evening on heavy wind blown shorelines. I was throwing jointed Shad Raps and Plastics in crawfish patterns. I was also finding that the walleye were moving into the current areas of our local lakes. The high O2 content and the cooler water temps of the current areas are like a fish magnet right now. It wont last long as water levels of the rivers flowing into the lakes gets back to normal. Panfish seem to have moved into deeper water. Try a simple hook and a split shot over the side of the boat in 10 to 15 feet of water with a worm or waxie. Fish around structure like fish cribs or sunken logs.  


Fishing in the Phillips Area has been average right now. Walleye are biting light and we are catching lots of small ones. Keep moving and you should get on some nice ones. Best luck for live bait has been with leeches and crawlers. I have been using mostly deep running cranks. Musky action has been slow at best on area lakes. Crappies are hanging close to the cribs and deep structure. We still caught a few Gills shallow last week. Bass fishing has been great. If you want some action soft plastic around wood and weed edges is almost a for sure fish. We been getting a few on top water also.

I'm going to do my best to update this info every week or two, feel free to email or call for up to date fishing info