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What's New at Ross's?

Greg at Bobbie Bait and John are now working on some new "Custom Colors" for the 2010 Season. We hope to have them ready for some of the later shows.

Look For

Obnoxious - Its just bright and contrasts well, made for stained water

Summer Pumpkin - A new twist to the Burnt Pumpkin pattern

Atomic Carp  - Not a carp pattern at all but the name sounded cool, another stained water color

and "Custom" Walleye - It looks like a walleye color, white tail and belly and we're working on the eyes

We are still going to carry, Logger - Acid Frog - Hot Walleye - Burnt Pumpkin - and Both Fire Scales - Our custom colors were so hot last year that Greg added our Firescale and Burnt Pumpkin patterns to his stock line up for 2010


Look for John at the following Fishing Shows this winter.

Chicago Musky Show Jan 7th - 9th

Madison Fishing Expo Feb 26th - 28th

Wausau Home,Rec,Sport and Garden Show Mar 19th,20th and 21st

Phillips Home and Sport Show Mar 27th and 28th

Georges MN Musky Expo April

Check out our new Tooth Tamer Rods and Dreamcatcher Lures including the new Jawbreaker JR rods and the surface bait and tinsel lines of lures


Congrats to Tooth Tamer Pro Staffer and Ross's Sport Shop Fishing Team member Brandon Dunbar on his 45" Tiger Musky. Brandon also placed 1st in the 09 Phillips Chain WMT and 2nd in the 09 Butternut Lake WMT and also place in the top 10 in a number of other tournaments for the 09 season.


Comming Soon Ross's Sport Shop Custom Bobbie Baits

Painted By Greg Wilson from the Bobbie Bait Co.

Acid Frog (Chart and Green with a twist)

Burnt Pumpkin

Hot Fire Scale

White Fire Scale


Hot Walleye (Musky like orange belly walleye)

Logger (The home town High School colors Orange and Black)

Tooth Tamer RodsNew rod company that John is working close with, Designed by everyday musky fishermen to be fished with not looked at.Super light weight blanks with the power to catch big fish.

John's Doetails 2nd season, In their first season it fast became the go to bucktail for the Phillips Area. Our guide services number 1 lure in '08 and Ross's Sport Shops best selling Bucktails. One customer reported 14 legal fish up to 43" on just one bucktail, And it held up and is trying for number 15 when season opens for '09.

Look for us at these up comming events

Madison Fishing Expo 2/27/09 thru 3/1/09 - Look for John at the Tooth Tamer Booth - We will have some of our new custom Bobbie Baits there.

New London Musky Magic 3/15/09 - Ross's Sport Shops first all musky show ever. We will be bringing as much musky stuff and we can haul, We have 2 booths and will have Custom Bobbie Baits, Dreamcatcher Bucktails and his new surface baits, Tooth Tamer Rods, Dunwright Tackle, Jannie Tails, Shirts, A new leader company "Big Bite Tackle Co." that are hand made right here in Phillips, WI, and by the way they have awesome 200lb fluorocarbon leaders, And more.

Phillips Home and Sport Show 3/28/09 and 3/29/09. It was a great show for us last year, We will feature Musky Tackle, Mathews Bows, and Parker Crossbows.

George's MN Musky Expo - Look for John at the Tooth Tamer Booth, We will have Custom Bobbies there

Phillips Charity Classic Musky Tourney - John has been helping with this tourney since the start over 12 years